The future of transportation is here.

Washington Hyperloop is a student-run organization at the University of Washington. Our goal is to research, design, and build a Hyperloop concept pod annually to compete at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition.

A sustainable way of travel

The Hyperloop is a concept from the mind of Elon Musk: a vacuum tube underground that eliminates all air resistance. Compared to travelling via air, the Hyperloop concept aims to achieve zero carbon emissions.

Fast and Convenient

Imagine a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco only takes 30 minutes, and it feels just like riding a train. With personalized user experience, the ultimate goal is to revolutionize how we commute and further connect our world.

Our Story

The team was founded by David Coven, Michael Chamerski, and Malachi Williams during the 2015/2016 season. The team finished 4th in the U.S., and 6th in the world in the competition.
In Comp III, we pursued a cold gas thrust propulsion system as well as a composite C-channel chassis. The pod was significantly smaller and lighter, which helped to increase the maximum speed. We were awarded an Innovation Award for our cold gas thrust propulsion system and placed as the best team in the U.S. and 4th in the world at the SpaceX competition.
Rotate Phone by Warunk Icon from the Noun Project
Comp IV was built on the success from Comp III. Featuring a downsized stability system and pneumatic powered braking calipers capable of a 3.5g deceleration. The pod weighed only 100 lbs (lightest we've ever built). The pod was also designed to achieve a top speed of 300 mph with a 3g acceleration. We finished in a 3-way tie for first in the U.S., and 5th in the world. 
Rotate Phone by Warunk Icon from the Noun Project
Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the SpaceX competition, the team decided to continue researching and developing the new and improved Pod VI. We look forward to competing at the European Hyperloop Week design category in July of 2021.

With the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition coming to an end, we are currently looking into a different future.

Stay tuned.